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Full Value Export & Distribution has been one of the top trendy wholesale fashiondistributors since 2009, offering great deals on the latest looks that your customers love. Retailers of all kinds including, timepieces, sunglasses, wallet, handbags, clothing stores, and electronics stores, eBay,amazon,Postmark, dropship buyers or Amazon sellers can find wholesale trendy products with several brand variations at up to 30-60% below the regular wholesale price. With our best-in-class customer service and extensive product selection, we hope to make stocking your shop as simple as possible so that you can focus on a good and healthy relationship with your clients. Our Top quality products, competitive prices and range of fashion make us one of the best wholesale suppliers in the market currently.

We havemultiple flexible payment options available, with a wide selection of the latest fashion and electronics, free shipping on bulk orders; This is will be an experience you won’t afford to miss growing your business to the next level
We deliver worldwide via Fedex, UPS, EMS ,DHL as well as specialized logistics shipping companies with in-depth knowledge of border movement of this category of products. So any item from our links or similar ones from yourself, send to us, we can confirm and send to you anywhere you want! Usually within3-9 days .

We are legit with a 100% refund policy; if you have any problem with your package,just contact us and we will solve it asap.

Our pride is building a healthy relationship that enables trust, confidence and security on meeting your needs now and in the future. Contact customer care 24/7 for any inquiries

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